Horse Training

" You can never rely on a horse that is educated by Fear.
There will always be something he fears more than you.
But, when he trusts you, he will ask you what to do when he is afraid. "

~ Antoine de Plavinet

We Offer All Levels /Disiplines of Horse Training, From Start to Finish .

Starting the Untrained Horse

Horses are worked 5 days a week with two days off to rest or be worked with their owner. Horses are kept in an indoor temperature controlled barn in a safe box stall with rubber matts and shavings. Horses are given hay and grain if needed for an additional fee. They have daily handling and are given daily single horse turnout. We do not "group turnout" horses as this just invites an accident to occur. We only use water buckets, not automatic waterers ,  so we can monitor the horse's water intake.

Starting a Horse requires a training commitment of a minium of 90 days. This allows the horse to learn at a pace that he will retain for the rest of his life. It consistss of 30 days of ground work and basic saddle work. 30 days of riding and ground work with the trainer and the last 30 days is comprised of the trainer riding the horse and doing ground work while teaching the owner to ride and work with their horse.

The last 30 days is very important, this is the bonding between the owner and the horse and learning to work together.

One riding or handling lesson is INCLUDED for each month the horse is in training. Additional lessons are available for purchase.

Horse training includes their board, feed, turnout, daily blanketing and unblanketing when needed. It also INCLUDES holding horse for farrier and for veternarian.  We do not charge an additional fee for this! We do ask that a horse sheet and blanket are sent with your horse for their comfort during the winter months.

All horses must have a current Coggins and be up to date on Vaccinations and deworming. Horses must be kept dewormed every 8 weeks  as well as have farrier work every 8 to 10 weeks.  Flu and Rhino vaccinations are required every 6 months and  Yearly vaccinations are required for EEE, WEE , West Nile & Tetnus.

Tuning Up or Intermediate Training

This training is done on a month by month basis. Horses should be safe and well started under saddle.  Our Intermediate or Tuning Up Training consists of all the same features/benefits as our untrained horses but here the horse advances to more challenging work such as Flexing, Bending, turning on the haunches , forehand , jumping if that is their divison, and advanced trail work.


We also offer at our facility "Trailer In Tuneups "

Just trailer your horse to our facility to take a lesson & get your horse "tuned up" ! This is a great option if you are having a specific issue you would like to work on or if your arena is not ideal for working your horse.  Rider Coaching or Horse Training lessons are available.  1 Hour Sessions.  Current Coggins is required.

RENT THE INDOOR ARENA ~ Great for Winter Riding!!

We offer rental time slot use of our groomed climate controlled indoor arena. Purchase a time package so that you can trailer in and use the indoor arena during bad weather or just to ride in a properly groomed and maintained riding arena. This is a great way to continue to ride and train during our frigid winters! Current Coggins is required.

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